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Same Sex Attraction

About Hope

SSA Hope is made up of parents and friends of those with same-sex attraction, ex-gays, as well as those who are still struggling with their unwanted SSA.

It is our goal to bring light and hope to individuals and families who suffer with unwanted same-sex attraction through education, information and support.  We firmly believe same sex attraction disorder can be helped.  We believe the past can be healed, and homosexual drives can be lessened and even eliminated through knowledge, therapy, guided self-introspection, and determination to change.  We believe the best and most lasting hope lies in the discovery and understanding of each person's past that led to his or her SSA.  

No One Chooses to be Gay

Healing and wholeness cannot be reached without education, support and work.  Many individuals suffering SSA disorder or SSAD are completely unaware of its complicated origin and even worse of the fact that even embedded learned responses of SSA can be changed.  Many individuals are drowning in the deluge of propaganda, half truths and lies of gay activists and politically motivated groups.  SSA Hope may be but a drop in that ocean of deception, but truth has a rippling effect that we hope will reach those who need it most.  We hope families and friends  as well as those with unwanted same-sex attraction or SSA will gain a better understanding of themselves and their loved ones.

Maybe the worst part about SSA is not the disorder itself but the ignorance surrounding it.  Many people with SSA are fooled into thinking that they were born gay, and they often blame their unhappiness on the lack of acceptance society has of gays.  In reality their suffering is more from deep emotional scars and unmet emotional needs than from any prejudice around homosexuality.  

Besides education many believe in the power of prayer to help heal individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction disorder.  A group of people have formed a society of friends to offer support.  The Sorrowful Heart Society prays for those who struggle with SSA, for parents and families, and for all homosexuals.  You can visit Sorrowful Hearts to join them praying daily or ask for prayers for yourself or a loved one. 

The answer to homosexuality is not heterosexuality.
Itís healing and wholeness!

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Education Opens Doors, Minds, and Hearts
Search for the Truth about Homosexual attraction!
The Journey out of SSA involves in-depth personal study, an examination of childhood experiences, relationships, and deprivations.  Once identified, emotional needs can begin to be met, sexual maturity develops and attractions to the same sex turn from sexual desire to a desire for natural fraternal bonding.  SSA HOPE seeks to help individuals find freedom in healing from the past by connecting them with resources and organizations that can help them reach their goals.
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Hope & Healing for those Struggling with Unwanted Homosexual Desire