Understanding the causes is an essential element in overcoming unwanted same sex attraction.  Many things such as one's upbringing, surroundings, personality, and family relationships contribute to the development of SSA, and in fact, researchers agree that no one thing is responsible.  Rather, a conspiracy of factors come together in the right amount and at the right time diverting sexual desires to unmet emotional needs.  And while each personís background is different, the emotional wounds that cause or lead to the disordered attraction to the same sex can often be identified and healed.
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Below a man pleads with his professor for validation and understanding..A case for environmental causes of homosexual development.

SSA Hope & Help for those with Unwanted Same Sex Attraction

While People are not Born Gay...

No One is Born Gay. So how does it happen?

SSA Hope for those who have Unwanted Same Sex Attraction

It is also true that no one chooses to be gay or lesbian, or to experience homosexual desires.  The development of same sex attraction is as complicated as a knotted ball of yarn.  But most knots can be undone with patience, time and great effort.  Peruse the many links on SSA Hope to first educate yourself about the interacting causes and origins of homosexuality, then check out the many support groups available to help untie the knots of same sex attraction and to find the kind of support you desire. Most of all, please join us in prayer for healing of SSAD.
This article discusses whether homosexuality is genetic Born or Bred by Robert Knight
For Spouses of those with SSA
Still Struggling With Same Sex Attraction?

Find the Causes of Homosexual Attraction & You May Find Healing

WATCH PETER SPRIGGS TESTIFY before DC Council defending SSA Counseling
NEW: Why does God Make Gay People
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WELCOME TO HOPE!  As Parents and friends of those who experience  SSA or Same Sex Attraction, we have come to realize how little the general public understands SSA and its root causes.  Even well-meaning individuals and organizations sometimes minimize or overlook the fact that there is great hope for people who struggle with occasional or continual same-sex attraction. Those who experience SSA often have the mistaken impression that they have only two choices; accept their so called orientation and live a gay lifestyle; or live a celibate life in accord with their Judeo-Christian values. This leaves many, who wish to live with faith, feeling hopeless, fearing a long, lonely life as a celibate fighting their sometimes overpowering homosexual drives and attractions.  But the truth about the origin of their condition can be like a key to a room full of HOPE for the future.  For thousands of ex-gays, unlocking the mystery of their personal story has allowed a course of healing and a path of fulfillment that has freed them from the tortured grip of unwanted homosexuality.

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